Glen Hatcher

Glen Hatcher


Glen has a deep seeded passion for helping people get better outcomes in life.  Whether it’s working with his own clients or advisers at all levels of experience or even with product providers themselves, it all ensures great outcomes for those involved.

The reasons Glen loves this industry is based on many experiences:

  • Best claims experience for clients in need,
  • Friendly relaxed style,
  • Empowering people to make the decisions for themselves; or,
  • Being part of another persons journey to success.

Knowing most people live in chaos and are time poor, it is our job to work to each clients priorities and at their pace to ensure they get the best possible solution to suit their needs, then Glen and his team will help put the things you need in place, gain control and alter the situation as you go though your stages in life.

Talking to a specialist like Glen provides great client outcomes, identify with your hopes and dreams and provides you peace of mind along the way.