Cameron Inskeep

Cameron Inskeep


For 22 years Cameron specialised and succeeded in helping business owners to build better businesses. The one constant behind every successful business he’s helped is they have great people leading and working in them. Yet most have not protected these valuable resources.

So why does Cameron work as an Insurance and KiwiSaver advisor? To help clients take steps to protect their families and businesses from unexpected life events, and financial ruin. He wants clients to sleep easier at night knowing things are sorted.

Cameron’s relaxed yet professional style puts clients at ease, and in control. He can help to:

  • Protect families from the impact of illness and accidents
  • Provide staff with advice on KiwiSaver and personal insurance
  • Offer group life insurance and/or medical insurance schemes to staff
  • Protect businesses from the impact of serious illness or an accident to a key person

Cameron is devoted to his wife Anna and their children Jake, Zoe and Max. They moved up from Wellington a few years ago to enjoy the beaches and boating of the Hauraki Gulf. An ideal day for the family involves spending time on the water with friends and relatives.

You can contact Cameron on 021 456 900 or






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